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How Does Network Care Work?

Network Care (or Network Spinal Analysis) is based on the scientific fact that your nervous system co-ordinates and controls all systems, tissues and cells in your body. Network Care empowers your body through very gentle contacts over the spine which change the vibrational tone (or oscillation) of the nervous system and allow it to release stored tension. By freeing the nervous system from stress, these gentle contacts allow it to function more effectively and efficiently: allowing for more flexibility, adaptability, ease and fuller expression of life.

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Why the Spine?

When you receive a physical, chemical or emotional stress that you cannot adapt to, the energy and information of the stressor is translated into vibration and tension, which is then stored in the body. That storage of tension can manifest itself in one of the following systems.

  • Neural System: the spinal cord, the protective dural sheath (meninges), and the nerves- this is the control system
  • Skeletal System: the spinal bones (vertebrae), discs and ligaments
  • Muscular System: the spinal muscles and tendons
  • Emotional System: shares the physical space of the other systems

Network Care helps you to use the energy stored within your tension to fuel your healing process. With consistent care you are better able to develop lifelong strategies to find the tension in your body and to spontaneously move and breathe to dissipate it.

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Healing Waves?

Unique to Network Care are two “healing waves”. One is a Respiratory (or breathing) Wave which will allow you to re-connect your mind and body, and so release tension. Later in care, the Somatopsychic Wave develops, to varying degrees of sophistication. This wave consists of involuntary rhythmic undulations of the spine, which have been found to be associated with characteristic changes in health and wellness parameters.

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What are the differences between Network, and other therapies?

Unlike many therapies such as massage, craniosacral therapy, spinal adjustments (conventional chiropractic) etc., Network is the only known approach specifically aimed at teaching the body how to develop its own healing strategies. In addition, the length of care has a direct effect on health and wellness changes. Patients report improvement in their ability to cope with stress, and to make intelligent choices. Besides these changes, people also report: improvements in joint and spinal flexibility, diminished pain, increased awareness, deeper breathing, deeper sleep, improved digestion and elimination, and increased energy. In summary, Network is an exciting new development in Chiropractic associated with benefits in physical and mental states, and overall quality of life.

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