About Dr. Val

My connection to chiropractic began at the age of eleven, when I started to receive chiropractic care with my family. Over the years, my chiropractor helped me overcome several health issues and influenced my diet, lifestyle, and in many ways, my outlook on life.

One of my most significant health challenges came when I contracted viral encephalitis, a life-threatening brain infection, at age 16. I was not expected to recover, as I had damage to both my frontal and temporal cortex. The medical team’s prognosis for me was grim. However, not only did I survive, my recovery far exceeded even their most hopeful expectations.

This experience has enabled me to better understand clients who are experiencing pain or feelings of helplessness. Through my experience, I also came to believe that there’s always room for hope; the brain and the body can work together for self-healing.

I received my Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience in 1990 from the University of Toronto. While on breaks from university, I also attended the Ontario College of Art and Design as a part-time student. I then continued my studies at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1995. Since that time, I have taken regular continuing education courses: keeping up to date and advancing my skills in diagnosis, treatment techniques, mental health, health education, Network Spinal Care and Eden Energy Medicine.

…within each person is a tremendous amount of stored energy that can serve as fuel for their healing…

I began my practice using conventional chiropractic adjusting techniques. While caring for my clients, I saw first-hand that each person has the innate ability to heal themselves. After receiving Network Spinal Care as a patient, I personally experienced the benefits. I began training courses, and gradually began incorporating it into my practice. Network Spinal Care has now been the primary focus of my client work for over 20 years.


Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience – University of Toronto, 1990

Doctor of Chiropractic – Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, 1995

Board Certified- The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (USA), 1995 – Certificate #55072

Board Certified- Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board, 1995 – Certificate # 4235.

Certificate of Registration under the Chiropractic Act, The Province of Ontario, 1995 – Certificate # 3007.

Certified, Level 2 – Network Spinal Analysis, Wise World Seminars, 2012

Certified Practitioner – Eden Energy Medicine, Innersource, 2023

Association Memberships:

Ontario Chiropractic Association
Canadian Chiropractic Association

Other Training / Certificates:

Custom Orthotic Therapy – The Orthotic Group, 1999

Medical Compression Therapy- The Orthotic Group, 2013

Concepts and Practices in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Ontario Chiropractic Association, 2015

Emergency First Aid and CPR / AED Certificate – Canadian Red Cross, 2023