Network Spinal Analysis

How Does Network Care Work?

Your nervous system co-ordinates and controls all systems, tissues and cells in your body. Network Spinal Analysis ( or Network Spinal Care) empowers your body through low-force contacts over the spine which change the vibrational tone of the nervous system and allow it to release stored tension.  With less tension, the nervous system can function more effectively and efficiently: allowing for more flexibility, adaptability, ease and fuller expression of life.

Why the Spine?

When you receive one or more physical, chemical or emotional stressors that you cannot adapt to, the energy and information of the stressor is translated into tension, which is then stored in the body.  That storage of tension can manifest itself in one of the following spinal systems.

Neural System: the spinal cord, the protective dural sheath (meninges), and the nerves- this is the control system.
Skeletal System: the spinal bones (vertebrae), discs, ligaments, and fascia.
Muscular System: the spinal muscles and tendons.
Emotional System: shares the infrastructure of the other systems.

Network Care helps you to use the stuck energy stored within your tension to fuel your healing process. With consistent care you are better able to develop lifelong strategies to recognize the tension in your body and to spontaneously move and breathe to dissipate it.

Gateways and Healing Waves?

Some of the Network contacts are made at areas that are called Spinal Gateways. A Gateway is a very localized area along the spine which is open and unguarded and able to process new information.

Two different healing waves can develop with consistent Network Care. One is a Respiratory ( or body-breath) wave which will allow you to re-connect your body and breath, and so release tension. Later in care, a Reorganizational (or body-mind) wave develops, to varying degrees of sophistication, connecting your body and mind. This wave consists of spontaneous rhythmic undulations of the spine, which have been found to be associated with characteristic changes in health and wellness parameters.

Why Choose Network Care?

Network is  specifically aimed at teaching the body how to develop its own healing strategies. Many patients report improvement in their ability to cope with stress, and to make healthy choices. Many people also report: improvements in joint and spinal flexibility, diminished pain, increased awareness, deeper breathing, more restful sleep, improved digestion and elimination, and increased energy. Network Care is associated with benefits in physical and mental states, and overall quality of life.

How long has Network care been around?

The developer of Network Spinal Analysis, Donny Epstein, D.C., delivered his first Network seminar to chiropractors and healthcare professionals in 1984. Since that time, chiropractors have been practicing NSA around the world. Although the NSA technique is not taught in Canadian chiropractic schools, it is taught as core curriculum in several American chiropractic colleges. Canadian chiropractors are able to study NSA through post-graduate courses here and abroad.

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