Dr. Valerie Fitzpatrick – BSc(Hons),DC

Dr. Valerie Fitzpatrick’s connection to chiropractic began at the age of eleven; that was when she began to receive chiropractic care along with her family. Over the years her chiropractor helped her overcome several health issues, and became very influential in terms of her diet, lifestyle and outlook on life.

One of Dr. Val’s most significant health challenges came at the age of 16, when she was diagnosed with  viral encephalitis, an acute life-threatening virus infection of the brain.  With the damage to her frontal and temporal cortex, the prognosis given by her medical team was extremely grim.  After unexpectedly recovering from that  illness, and moving on with life, Dr. Val is a firm believer in  the neuroplasticity of the brain and the innate healing ability of the body.

Dr. Val attended the University of Toronto and received an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Neurosciences in 1990. When on breaks from university, she also attended the Ontario College of Art and Design as a part-time student. She then continued her studies at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1995. Since that time Dr. Val has regularly taken continuing education courses: keeping up to date and advancing her skills in diagnosis, treatment techniques, mental health,  health education, Network Spinal care, and energy medicine.

...within each person is a tremendous amount of stored energy that can serve as fuel for their healing...

Dr. Fitzpatrick began her practice using conventional chiropractic adjusting techniques. As she cared for her patients, Dr. Val saw first hand that each person has the innate wisdom and ability to heal themselves. After receiving Network Care as a patient, she gradually started to incorporate Network Care into her practice and it has become the primary focus of her work with patients.

Dr. Val has seen that within each person is a tremendous amount of stored energy that can serve as fuel for their healing. She believes that as each person reaches within and becomes aware of where they are wounded and holding pain, they can heal, live fully and share their gifts with others. Each of us is much like a tree; when a tree draws energy from its roots, it can then give its gifts of oxygen, shelter, strength and beauty to the world. In the same way, we can all draw on our own healing energy and share this with the world around us. Dr. Val is committed to assisting this healing within herself and within her community.